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Usi cabina - Cabina 2 laturi
Cabina 3 laturi
Usi cabina
S1S90...a=68-92 cm
S1S116 a=92-116 cm
Cabina 2 laturi
S2S80 a=b=68-80 cm
S2S92 a=b=80-92 cm
Cabina 3 laturi
S3S80 a=b=c=68-80 cm
S3S90 a=b=c=80-92 cm
Cabina semirotunda
Paravan cada baie - Paravan cada baie 2 laturi
Cabina semirotunda
S4S90 a=b=78-90 cm

Paravan cada baie
SV1S140 a=118-142 cm
SV1S170 a=146-170 cm
Paravan cada baie 2 laturi
SV2S140S/D a=130-142cm,
b=68-80 cm
SV2S170S/D a=158-170cm,
b=68-80 cm

Being made of PVC sliding panels, the shower cabins from the Professional series ensure a wide opening to facilitate the access.

The sliding panels have reversible opening, built- in- door handles, closing with rubber gasket and self lubrificating sliding system and the PVC profiles are adjustable to the shower trays through extensible sleeves (24 cm).

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